Controversy Surrounding Punjab's Kulhad Pizza Sensation

A viral video puts Kulhad Pizza's Sehaj Arora and wife in the spotlight.

Kulhad Pizza Craze Takes Social Media by Storm

The Punjab couple's unique pizza served in earthen cups gains massive popularity.

Allegations of a Fake Video Emerges

Controversy brews as a video surfaces, allegedly featuring the Kulhad Pizza proprietors.

Sehaj Arora Refutes Video Claims

Sehaj Arora dismisses the video as fake, files a police complaint, and urges people not to share it.

Claims of Blackmail and Police Complaint

Mr. Arora alleges blackmail over the "fake" video, leading to a police report and arrest of the perpetrator.

Accusations Against YouTuber Karan Dutta

Sehaj Arora accuses YouTuber Karan Dutta of spreading the video and discusses its impact on his family.

Sehaj Arora's Appeal for Support

Mr. Arora appeals for understanding and support amidst the controversy. Image: Sehaj Arora making a heartfelt appeal in a social media post or video.

Update: Woman Arrested for Blackmail

The woman involved in the blackmail scheme is apprehended by the police. Image: A news article screenshot with the headline announcing the arrest.

Karan Dutta Responds to Allegations

YouTuber Karan Dutta denies any wrongdoing and responds to Sehaj Arora's accusations.

Navigating Controversy as New Parents

Sehaj Arora shares the challenges they faced as new parents amidst the ongoing controversy.