Google’s 25th Birthday: How the Big Tech Company Began in a Small College Room

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Google’s 25th Birthday: Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary today, on September 27. As this American multinational technology company reaches this significant milestone, it’s worth exploring its modest origins.

According to information available on Google’s website, the initial encounter between Sergey Brin and Larry Page occurred at Stanford University in January 1997. This meeting transpired when Sergey Brin, a Ph.D. student at the university, was asked to give Larry Page a campus tour as Page was considering Stanford for his studies. And so, the journey of Google commenced.

One year later, the two began collaborating within the confines of their dormitory rooms to develop a search engine, successfully creating their first prototype. Their invention started drawing the attention of prominent Silicon Valley investors, and in August 1998, Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, presented Sergey Brin and Larry Page with a $100,000 check, officially establishing Google Inc. With this crucial investment, the fledgling team transitioned from their dorms to their inaugural office, a garage located in Menlo Park, California.

In the ensuing years, Google experienced rapid growth, leading to its eventual relocation to its current headquarters, famously known as the ‘Googleplex‘ in Mountain View, California.

In a prior blog post, Google stated, “A serendipitous encounter between two computer scientists altered the course of the Internet and the lives of millions.”

Today, our beloved search engine operates data centers worldwide, ensuring the 24/7 availability of the internet. Remarkably, the Google Search index has expanded to encompass hundreds of billions of online pages, exceeding a staggering size of over 100,000,000 gigabytes.

From its unassuming beginnings as the initial search engine prototype, Google has undergone substantial expansion, extending its influence far beyond search functionality.

As we celebrate Google’s remarkable milestone today, here are some intriguing facts from its extraordinary history:

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History Of Google:

>According to a Google report, the first meeting between Sergey Brin and Larry Page was marked by disagreements on nearly every topic.

>The search engine initially relied on link analysis to assess the importance of individual web pages within the World Wide Web. It was originally named ‘Backrub’ due to its focus on evaluating ‘back links’ to gauge a website’s importance. It later underwent a name change to become Google.

>The name Google was a clever play on the mathematical expression representing the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

>According to ICANN, the organization responsible for domain name registrations at the time, was registered on September 15, 1997. However, Google did not launch its website until September 1998.

>In 1998, Google’s first office was established in a garage owned by their 16th employee, Susan Wojcicki, located in Menlo Park, California. She would later become the CEO of YouTube, Google’s official online video-sharing platform.

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>Google introduced Yoshka as its first company dog, marking the first dog to ever visit Google’s campus when the office moved to the Mountain View location. Although Yoshka passed away in 2011, his memory lives on, with a cafe at Google’s Mountain View campus named Yoshka’s Cafe in his honor.

>The tradition of maintaining a vibrant atmosphere in its offices continues to this day.

>In 2006, the term ‘Google’ became a verb in the dictionary. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary added the word ‘Google’ with the definition: “to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web.”

>On February 25, 2009, Google sent out its first tweet, composed in binary code, which when translated to English conveyed the message, “I’m feeling lucky.”

>Google awards scholarships to students to encourage them to pursue careers in the field of technology.

Happy 25th Birthday, Google!

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